Bowls Whangarei



Results 2010-2011

Winter Mini Series 2x2x2x2 Open Mixed Pairs

Saturday 26 June (wins/points/ends)

1st: Tom Chapman/Nancy Bradshaw 2/43/17; 2nd: George Lyddiard/Maureen Rahui 2/28/14;
3rd: Garry Whitham/Margaret Sands 2/26/14.

Sunday 18 July (wins/points/ends)

1st: John Jamieson/Dinkie Fisher 2/41/18; 2nd: George Lyddiard/Maureen Rahui 2/38/18;
3rd: Betty Pouwhare/Steve Mitchell 2/33/18; 4th:Bob Arbon/Pam Arbon 2/30/15.

Sunday 1 August (wins/points/ends)
1st: Bruce Horscroft/Marie Attwood 1/26/9; 2nd: Ina Slater/Bert Griffin 1/17/9;
3rd: Tom Chapman/Nancy Bradshaw 1/16/8.

Remaining rounds rained out.

Overall Results (wins/points/ends)
1st: George Lyddiard/Maureen Rahui 5/79/39; 2nd: Tom Chapman/Nancy Bradshaw 4/84/40;
3rd: Bob Arbon/Pam Arbon 4/74/36; 4th: Betty Pouwhare/Steve Mitchell 4/70/34.

Yovich & Co. Twilight Open Triples Series

Friday 15 October (wins-points-ends)

1. Mike Haslam, Dot Haslam, Joan Erceg (2-29-13);
2. Margaret Gurney, Diane Strawbridge, Bill Harris (2-24-12);
3. Peg Wardell, Sam Prasad, Bill Roberts (2-22-13);
4. Laurie Reader, Pat Reader, Mark Jackson (2-21-13).

Grant's Corner to Corner

Tuesday 16 November
Qualifiers: John Jamieson, Bruce Hill, Tom Chapman, Peter Schultz.
Winner: Tom Chapman.

Tuesday 23 November
Qualifiers: Ray Bradshaw, Paul Graham, Garry Whitham, John Jamieson.
Winner: John Jamieson.

Tuesday 30 November
Qualifiers: Peter Schultz, Peter Urlich, Maureen Hart, Bill Roberts.
Winner: Peter Schultz.

Tuesday 7 December
Qualifiers: Simon Hart, Eddie Horgan, Garry Whitham, Peter Schultz.
Winner: Garry Whitham.

Yovich & Co. Twilight Open Triples Series

Friday 26 November (wins-points-ends)

1st: Wally Yovich, Harry Williams, Rory O'Connor (2-24-13).
2nd: Garry Whitham, Peter Urlich, Caroline Jackson (2-22-12).
3rd: Yvonne Wallace, Bill Wallace, Laurel Jones (2-20-11).
4th: Gary Herbert, Ann Herbert, Nis Juergensen (2-19-11).
5th: Merv Williams, Nola MacDonald, Alan MacDonald (2-18-11).

Morris & Morris Womens' Open Sixes

Tuesday 30 November (wins-points-ends)

1st: Madeline Yovich, Eileen Riceman, Ann Herbert, Hazel Phillips, Dinkie Fischer, Maureen Church (6-43-85).
2nd: Sophie Anderson, Dot Haslam, Joan Erceg, Gwen Lawson, Betty Pouwhare, Agnes Bell (5-52-102).
3rd: Ann Sargent, Marianne Leijen, Sue McKinney, Jill Stewart, Shelia Hodgson, Dawn Leader (5-47-72).

Northland Drycleaners Championship Pairs

Women: Pat Reader and Peg Wardell (two lives) beat Yvonne Wallace and Laurel Miller.

Men: John Jamieson and Bill Wallace (two lives) beat Rex Hamlin and Michael Jujnovich.

Yovich & Co. Twilight Open Triples Series

Friday 10 December (wins-points-ends)

1st: Gary Herbert, Ann Herbert, Nis Juergensen (2-36-15).
2nd: Diane Strawbridge, Bill Harris, Bill Roberts (2-27-16).
3rd: Paul Graham, Peter Urlich, Obi Khanal (2-18-12).
4th: Ned Yovich, Madeline Yovich, John Yurjevic (1-25-10).
5th: Yvonne Wallace, Bill Wallace, Laurel Jones (1-20-12).

Ladbrooke Family Drawn Christmas Hams

Sunday 12 December 2010 (wins-points-ends)

1st: Laurie Reader, Paul Graham, Ina Slater (4-33-20).
2nd: Nancy Bradshaw, Michael Jujnovich, Harry Williams (4-33-17).
3rd: Garry Whitham, Yvonne Wallace, Eddie Horgan (3-46-18).
4th: Peg Wardell, Ray Bradshaw, Peter Urlich (3-35-18).

Sutherland Security Championship Fours

Women: Nancy Bradshaw, Pat Reader, Ann Field, Yvonne Wallace (two lives) beat Peg Wardell, Ina Slater, Ngaire Smith, Rere Thomas.

Men: Tom Chapman, John Jamieson, Rex Hamlin, Fred Kirk (one life) beat Trevor Reader, Laurie Reader, Peter Urlich, Bill Wallace.

Otaika Pharmacy Womens' Open Pairs

11 January 2011 (wins-points-ends)

1st: Pam Brewster, Madeline Yovich (4-73-24).
2nd: Joan Erceg, Dot Haslam (4-54-30).

Grant's Whiskey Corner to Corner

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Qualifiers: Peter Schultz, Avon Gledhill, Eddie Horgan, Peter Urlich.
Winner: Avon Gledhill.

Bay Audiology Invitation Mixed Sixes 

6 February 2011 (wins-ends-points)

1st: Nancy Bradshaw, Lesley Morgan, Rex Hamlin, Ina Slater, Hazel Johnston, Merran Christie (5-48-86).
2nd: Peg Wardell, George Harris, Bill Wallace, Nola McDonald, Noel Shepherd, Linda Swanson (5-45-88).
3rd: Laurie Reader, Jean Roxborough, Barbara Snelling, Sandy Sneddon, Eddie Horgan, Jenny Gerard (5-45-85)
Chocolate Fish: Dave Dalton, Laurel Miller, Tui Slade, Ngaire Smith, Audrey Fry, Bert Griffin (2-28-43).

Yovich & Co. Twilight Open Triples Series

Friday 18 February 2011 (wins-points-ends)

1st: Ned Yovich, Madeline Yovich, John Yurjevic (2-30-13).
2nd: Michael Jujnovich, Ardy Marsh, Shona Morgan (2-28-15).
3rd: Peg Wardell, Margaret Sands, Bill Roberts (2-26-14).
4th: Margaret Gurney, Diane Strawbridge, Bill Harris (2-22-10).
5th: Joan Erceg, Dot Haslam, Hannah Haslam (2-21-15).

Chilltech Club Championship Singles

Women: Pat Reader (two lives) beat Nancy Bradshaw.

Men: Trevor Reader (one life) beat Paul Graham.

Yovich Hayward Pevats Johnston Academy AC Open Triples

Sunday 20 February 2011

1st: Peter Cross, Vic Marker, Jean Roxburgh (4 wins).
2nd: Ann Halls, Anne Lyson, Win Murray (3 wins).

Dot Edge Womens' Open Triples

Tuesday 22 February 2011 (wins-points-ends)

1st: Dinkie Fischer, Madeline Yovich, Maureen Church (4-51-23).
2nd: Maureen Rahui, Sally Stirling, Jeanette Marsters (4-40-21).
3rd: Shirley Holland, Margaret Sandford, Norma Nicholls (3-35-21).

Pub Charity Life Members' Open Triples

Saturday 26 February 2011 (wins-point-ends)

1st: Sam Prasad, Peg Wardell, Ardy Marsh (4-74-33).
2nd: Steve Mitchell, Joe Thorburn, Dick Barnett (4-68-30).
3rd: Gary Herbert, Sally Stirling, Anne Herbert (4-48-25).
4th: Garry Whitham, Dave Holwell, Ina Slater (3-60-29).

Grant's Whiskey Corner to Corner

Tuesday 15 February 2011
Qualifiers: Bev Roberts, Garry Whitham, Bill Roberts, Peter Urlich.
Winner: Bill Roberts.

Tuesday 22 February 2011
Qualifiers: Fred Reymond, Peter Schultz, Garry Whitham, Bev Roberts.
Winner: Bev Roberts.

Friday 25 February 2011
Qualifiers: Fred Kirk, Peter Urlich, Barry Jones, Simon Hart.
Winner: Barry Jones.

Tuesday 1 March 2011
Qualifiers: Viv Hamlin, Maureen Hart, Rex Hamlin, Bill Roberts.
Winner: Rex Hamlin.

Tuesday 8 March 2011
Qualifiers: Peter Schultz, Simon Hart, Garry Whitham, Bill Roberts.
Winner: Simon Hart.

Club Final Winner: Tom Chapman. Club Representative to Regional Finals: Peter Schultz.
Peter came runner-up in Regional Final at Browns Bay and will play in National Final at Pakuranga.

Currie Electrical Mens' Championship Triples

Sam Prasad, Laurie Reader, Bill Wallace (2 lives) beat Tom Chapman, John Jamieson, Rex Hamlin.

Joanne Stevens - Allens Realty Open AC Triples

Wednesday 30 March 2011 (wins-ends-points)

1st: Sam Prasad, Eddie Horgan, Peter Urlich (4-28-52).
2nd: Peter Nicholas, Pat Reader, Laurie Reader (4-27-56).
3rd: Nancy Bradshaw, Rex Hamlin, Ray Bradshaw (4-27-56).

Yovich & Co. Twilight Open Triples Series

Friday 1 March 2011 (wins-points-ends)

1st: Ned Yovich, Madeline Yovich, Jasmine Maich (2-19-11).
2nd: Wally Yovich, Harry Williams, Rory O'Connor (1.5-24-11).
3rd: Bruce Hill, Barry Jones (pairs 1.5-19-11).
4th: Paul Graham, Audrey Vesey, Bev Roberts (1.5-17-12).
5th: Garry Whitham, Peter Schultz, Caroline Jackson (1-28-14).

Overall Series Winner: Ned Yovich, Madeline Yovich, John Yurjevic (7 wins).

Wally Neal - Moore Cars - XT88 - AC Open Triples


1st: Wayne Wrack, Mike Butler, Joe Thorburn (4-56-30);
2nd: George Lyddiard, Betty Pouwhare, Dick Barnett (4-56-24);
3rd: Denis Snelling, Jerry Litt, Barbara Snelling (4-40-20);
4th: Gary Herbert, Sarah Wright, Ann Herbert (3-52-23).

Cowleys Hire Centre Darby & Joan Mixed Pairs


1st: Nancy Bradshaw, Rex Hamlin (2-30-19);
2nd: Ann Field, Bruce Hill (2-28-13);
3rd: Ray Bradshaw, Ina Slater (1-25-16);
4th: Laurel Miller, Barry Jones (1-23-12).

Magic Tyres & Mags - Carters Academy Singles

1st: Peter Urlich. 2nd: Laurel Miller. 3rd: Barry Jones.

Calders Design & Print Mens' Doel Open Pairs


1st: Sam Nelson, Peter Nicholas (4-57-25);
2nd: Bruce Horscroft, Ron Bowmar (3-61-26);
3rd: Darren Mitchell, Graeme Blackman (3-49-24);
4th: Alan Rakich, Tom Ker (3-47-22).

Adams Trimmer Insurance and Lion Breweries
"Len Thomson Memorial Mens' Open Fours"


1st: Sam Nelson, Gordon Bond, Steve Mitchell, Bruce Horscroft (4-85-43);
2nd: Mike Butler, Joe Thorburn, Ian Budd, Wayne Wrack (4-77-37);
3rd: Warren Taylor, Eric Pattillo, Peter Nicholas, Laurie Reader (4-76-34);
4th: Mike Howie, Kevin Robinson, Bob Arbon, Sandy Foy (4-69-34);
5th: Darren Mitchell, Warwick Fredrickson, Michael Feek, Tony Holdsworth (4-67-37);
6th: Robin Sowerby, Charlie Jellick, Bill Sparkie, Simon Reesby (4-65-40).