Life Members

1938 H.D. Harrison*

1939 F. Cutforth*

1948 C. McKinnon*

1950 D. Stokes*

1952 F. Mogford*

1958 Dr J.G. Campbell*

1960 J.J.G. Ashcroft*

1960 F.A. Farmer*

1969 J.A. Murphy*

1970 T. Weir*

1971 J.A. Cutforth*

1973 S. Wilson*

1993 L.C. Dudeck*

1993 M.A. Edge

1993 J.B. Wilson*

1998 K. Daisley*

1999 K.L. Holwell*

2000 L.A. Thomson*

2002 G.R. Whitham

2005 I. Slater

2009 V. Palmer



* Deceased

1978 M.F.M. Whitelaw*

1978 G.W. Wilding*

1979 C.B. McKinnon*

1979 G.P. Adams*

1979 W. Howie*

1979 R.J. Ryan*

1982 L.W. Slater*

1984 H.W. Neal*

1988 H.B. Cowen*

1988 D.J. Holwell

1988 F.R.B. Sherley*

1993 W.B. Andrews*

Life Members Open Triples

Prior to 1996, living Life Members were honoured by a Tournament named after them each year. Due to the number of Life Members and the clash with sponsorship naming rights, it was resolved to hold a two-day tournament each year to honour those living and those past. In the Club's Annual Fours was discontinued due to a lack of entries and this tournament is now known as the Life Members' Annual Open Triples.

1996 I. Reid, G. Hamilton, T.R. Bone (Ken)

1997 N. Bailey, J.P. van Haaften, G.D. Bond (One)

1998 T. Ahrens, H. Burns, C. Groot (Ken)

1999 R.G. Andrews, G.W. Bradshaw, F.B. Reymond (Whg)

2000 I. Bowick, C. Jagusch, J.L. Dunn (Comp)

2001 F.W. Kirk, D.J. Holwell, M.G. Houlahan (Whg)

2002 T.O. Chapman, P.C. Adams, G.D. Bond (Comp)

2003 S.H. Hart, E.G. Horgan, W.G. Hughes (Whg)

2004 B. Moore, M.J. Butler, S. Smith (Comp)

2005 S.H. Hart, L.S. Reader, R. Sowerby (Comp)

2006 C.J. van Haaften, J.P. van Haaften, B. Horscroft (Comp)

2007 D. Edge. D.J. Holwell, T.O. Chapman (Whg)

2008 L.S. Reader, P. Graham, L.D. Hill (Whg)

2009 E. van Haaften, G. Parker, G. Lyddiard (Kens)

2010 E.J. Erceg, F.W. Kirk, T.O. Chapman (Whg)

2011 A. Marsh, P. Wardell, S. Prasad (Whg)

2012 Not Played

2013 A. Kirk, F.W. Kirk, S.Smith


Life Members Trophy presented by R.W. Jensen.

Bowls Whangarei