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2000 Not Played

2001 S. Prasad, T.G. Reader, D.J. Holwell, T.O. Chapman (Whg)

2002 Not Played

2003 W.C. Taylor, T.G. Reader, D.J. Holwell, T.O. Chapman (Whg)

2004 B. Taylor, E.C. Horgan, J.P. van Haaften, C.J. van Haaften (Whg)

2005 S. Prasad, R. Whaikawa, G.D. Bond, J.L. Dunn (One)

2006 P. Reader, K.B. Smith, J.A. Jamieson (Whg)


Sadly, in 2006 this tournament was changed to Triples due to the lack of entries and since has been discontinued.

In 1934 a decision was made to extend the play to four days which proved very successful and in the 1960s to a six day tournament.

In the 80s and 90s the tournament went through many format changes, from the traditional (two games a day, 25 ends) to (three games, 18 ends). In 1996, open mixed play was introduced, but failed to attract entries. Lately it has been played over Northland’s (three day) Anniversary Weekend.

The tournament was always considered the "FOURS TOURNAMENT" of the North and attracted large fields. In 2003 the tournament was amalgamated with the Centre Open Fours, with the winner and runner-up qualifying to a national final.

Winners of the Jubilee Rose Bowl prior to 1960 have not been recorded other than the "Club Name" engraved on the trophy.


The Whangarei Jubilee Rose Bowl presented by Dr J.G. Campbell 1886-1936.


Annual Open Fours

The early photographs indicate that the first Whangarei Bowling Club Annual Tournament was held in 1916. In those days play was confined to two days - 29th & 30th of January. It seems that an entry fee was collected as well as "smoko" fee, which catered for the players meals and refreshments over the two days. In 1924, the largest expenditure for the event was £13/3/8 for whiskey, yet the tournament made a healthy profit of £14/3/7.

The "Jubilee" tournament held in 1936 has always created confusion as to the date of the foundation of the Club. However, in 1886 the N.Z.B.A. was formed and the first National Tournament was held in Dunedin that year. We now assume that this was the occasion for the Jubilee Tournament.

Bowls Whangarei